Programs Offered

Streams of Consciousness conducts various circles and seminars for both women and men. For a more detailed list, please email me at

I. Streams of Consciousness presents: A Circle of Women

 Women have been sitting in circles for years. We’ve made circles in sweat lodges, at afternoon teas, quilting bees, shamanic ceremonies, birthing celebrations, and pot-luck dinners. As little girls, we danced and chanted Ring Around the Rosy and Farmer in the Dell in a circle.  We belong in circles, where we can look into each other’s faces and find a place of acceptance for our uniqueness.

 Our circle will be a place to reconnect with the spirit of womanhood and the sisterhood. Together, we will re-claim our wonder and awe of life, and re-awaken our creative genius and true purpose for walking the planet at this time in history.

 My program, Coloring Outside the Lines, will be incorporated into our weekly circle. Through processes, we’ll look back at when we stopped coloring purple faces, red trees, and orange grass, all outside the lines. When did we learn to give in to the rules and the established norms of family and society, and stifle our creativity and our sense of discovery? Are we still staying within the acceptable parameters, and does that fit in your life? Would you sometimes like to belt out a song or dance in the rain, but can’t? 

 Women need other women, and circling and learning together can be an empowering experience. Come and claim your sanctuary in our circle.  All women are invited to join. Limited to 15 women.


II. Bonding/Healing Circle

Smaller women’s circle:  Under 10 participants

Usually lasts 3-4 hours, depending on # of participants

1.  We sit in a circle and I facilitate introductions. Each participant shares her purpose for being in the circle, and states what she needs to get from the gathering.

 2. Everyone either picks a card/ a rune/ or a slip of paper with a word on it. That is their word for the day.

 3. We go over the agreements: anonymity, speak in first person, only one person at a time speaks, etc.

 4. We have grounding and bonding time, which is usually done while standing in a circle.  There is a guided meditation with grounding techniques and visualization.

 5. We then sit in a circle for sharing time. Each person talks about their experience in the bonding circle. They also speak out loud the word they received in part 1. I facilitate this time by listening carefully, asking questions, and giving feedback.

 6. Closing. Everyone tells what her total circle experience was about, and what she got out of the gathering.

 This circle is very informal, and though I have an agenda,  I stay open to what I intuit needs to happen. Since the purpose of the circle is to facilitate healing and awareness, I find it works best to go with the flow. My main objective is to create a safe space for feeling and healing.



2 Responses to Programs Offered

  1. brendamarroy says:

    Hey Ellen, I’ve sure missed you and thought of you often. Are you back? Will you be blogging on Love Thy Heart???

  2. gingerclub says:

    Great idea, Brenda! Wow, it shows that I haven`t been here for a while! Congratulation on your new design!
    It would be certainly beautiful to participate in one of your circles though I am thousands of miles away. Belated happy women`s day!

    Peace and smiles


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