My Favorite Authors and Books

Oriah Mountain Dreamer: The Dance, The Invitation, The Call

I like Oriah’s books because she is fearless in her writing. She puts herself and her life on the page and makes no apologies. I relate to her journey and I’ve experienced many ah-ha moments reading her books.

Sark: Transformation, Eat Mangoes Naked, Succulent Wild Woman

Like Oriah, Sark  is fearless in her writing. She tells her truth in such a way that you can’t help but get the message. She courageously shares the pain she carried throughout her life and offers insight into how to have your own healing journey. Her books are a visual feast in that she prints her words and uses a lot of color and simple, childlike drawings.

Dickens: A Tale of Two Cities, Great Expectations

I did not start reading Dickens until last year. How he got by me, I’ll never know, because now that I’ve read his works, I’m hooked. He knows how to tell a story in a way that hooks the reader. I love the way he uses words and his knack for telling a solid story.

Dan Brown: Angels and Demons, The Lost Symbol, The DaVinci Code

Every one of Dan Brown’s books hook me from the beginning and keep me hooked until the end.

Gregg Braden: Fractal Time, The Divine Matrix, Deep Truth

Gregg has a way of explaining the quantum world so I can understand it. I consider Gregg’s work to be spiritual, prophetic, and insightful.

Kris Radish: Dancing Naked at the Edge of Dawn

I like all of Kris’s books, but this is my favorite. She definitely captures the spirit of women.

Bell Hooks: Bone Black

This is a great story about Bell’s childhood and what makes it different is that she writes her own memoir in the third person.

Dr. David Hawkins: Power vs. Force

The Good Earth: Pearl S. Buck

When Things Fall Apart: Pema Chodron

The Craggy Hole in My Heart & the Cat Who Healed it and Attitudes: Geneen Roth

Broken Open: Elizabeth Lesser


Cover of "The Divine Matrix: Bridging Tim...

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