Will humanity ever tire of its inhumane practices? Please take the time to read this.



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  • 1 innocent, sentient, living being ~ A bear
  • 1 narrow, upright, steel enforced cage (large enough to fit a bear)
  • 1 steel plate with ports for electrical wiring
  • 1 electrical heating system
  • 1 music output system
  • Circus music recording of choice


  • Remove a bear from his natural environment (by any means neccessary)
  • Force bear into steel enforced cage with little room to move except to stand upright
  • Initiate electrical current to steel floor at a temperature that will inflict adequate pain to paw pads
  • As the being begins to suffer from the pain, begin music and initiate spoken commands
  • Immediately the living being will begin to alternate feet for releif from the burns
  • The alternation of movement from paw-to-paw will simulate a human-like dancing movement
  • Alternate reducing and raising heat until desired motion is executed upon demand

Note:  Continually assure that living being understands who’s in…

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  1. I believe I missed noticing that you reblogged the above article. Here I am to thank you now. 🙂

    Blessings on those who from a place of empathy and compassion, take action to protect and lend voice to innocent, sentient, living beings who cannot speak for themselves.

    I am grateful for your assistance!

    ~Gerean Pflug for The Animal Spirits

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