Tracie Louise Photography

My son is a very talented musician and an incredible song writer.  But he is yet to be “discovered”.  So he works a day job in a supermarket.  He has been there for a couple of years now and is very well liked and respected.  He does a wonderful job… and although preparing fruit and vegetables for sale, is not his idea of pure bliss, he does this job to the upmost of his abilities, bringing his natural creative flair to each edible display.

Many of us have day jobs to do whilst we are waiting for our dream job.  And I am sure that it is tempting to just put in the hours, not really caring much about what we are doing.  But I think that is a mistake.

Apart from the possibility of getting fired…. taking a lack lustre approach to anything that we do sends the wrong…

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  1. Hermionejh says:

    I love that coloring and the photograph’s composition. Cool! 🙂

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