Guest Post: Freedom Is…

My guest writer for today is my precious husband, Paul Davidson. Paul wrote this a few years back for a magazine I was writing for. It was never published, so I thought it was time to resurrect it and post it on the 4th of July.

Great thoughts Paul. I trust everyone will find something in this to relate to.


Freedom is….For me
                            For you
                            For us
                            For them
                            For all life

Freedom is….Choice, in either right or wrong

Freedom is….Having one’s own beliefs, contrary to all others

signing of the Declaration of Independence

Freedom is….Easy

Freedom is….Being true to yourself and others without being judged

Freedom is….Lying naked in fresh cut grass on a summer’s day

Freedom is… Speech


Freedom is….My wife and I on our motorcycle

Freedom is….Five minutes of peace during a hectic day

Freedom is….Living

Freedom is….  The ability to shed all prejudices, biases, and hatreds and
                              strive for acceptance and tolerance.


Freedom is….Having the courage to express emotion without fear of rejection 
                            or  judgment

Freedom is….Free
                            Never free

Thank you, Paul.

Today is a good day to contemplate on what freedom means to each of us. How about you? I invite you to leave a comment sharing your idea or thoughts on freedom.   




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7 Responses to Guest Post: Freedom Is…

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  2. LadyBlueRose's Thoughts Into Words says:

    this was very good….
    Paul is a wonderful writer ….I enjoyed his thoughts on Freedom…
    which I agree with!
    Thanks Brenda for sharing Paul with us!
    Take Care.

  3. Jen says:

    Well done Paul…I loved the laying in the grass and riding the motorcycle with YaYa the best 🙂 well thought out, well written and well received! Love Ya’ll (in my best US accent)

  4. Betsy says:

    Thank you, Brenda, for sharing Paul’s thoughts. They are profound and should be reviewed every day. I would add: Freedom is being able to be myself, no matter what others may want me to be. It’s so important to live each life individually, while never forgetting we are part of the collective whole. Our actions affect others, whether it’s a smile that goes around the world in seconds, a frown that infects the driver next to us, the helping hand to a stranger when it’s too hot to think. We have so much to be grateful for on this holiday and every day. Much is wrong with our country today, but we will find a way to heal it. It takes time and patience and the willingness to name a problem and work to fix it. Thanks again to Paul for putting this so well.

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