Guest Post: Five Conscious Ways To Have a More Fulfilled Day

This guest post was written by Christian Schaeffer, a freelance writer for DepressionConnect.  Christian enjoys the outdoors and sharing his thoughts about life and living it to the fullest is a forum for all people struggling with depression. This link  goes to their google plus page. If you, or anyone you know is suffering from depression, you may want to check out this link. It looks like a good resource site.


The Power of Now: 5 Conscious Ways to Have a More Fulfilled Day

As we journey through life we all seek greater happiness and fulfillment. Many of us go about it passively, living in the past as we look to the future. However, the real power to create the lives we desire lies in the present, in being awake and aware of the here and now.

Unfortunately, our days are filled with distractions that can keep us from being fully engaged in the moment. The truth is it takes effort to live in the present, but the rewards are well worth it.

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Here’s a look at 5 conscious ways we can choose to have a more fulfilled day.

1. Start each day with an intention. You may not think you have a say in how your day goes, but the reality is that you do. If you’ve been living by the motto that “he who expects little is seldom disappointed” it’s time to raise the bar.

Each morning when you awaken, picture how you’d like to feel at the end of the day and express that feeling as an intention by saying to yourself something like, “Today is going to be a great day” or “This day is going to be amazing.” When you express your intention as to how your day is going to unfold it becomes an expectation which can help you to see every event in a more positive way.


2. Be conscious of the need to breathe. The simple act of breathing is so automatic that we take it for granted. Stopping to take deep and deliberate breaths is essential for clearing and energizing our minds and bodies. It’s also a great way to combat daily stress. From simple breathing and stretching exercises, to yoga or your exercise of choice, the great way to have a more purposeful day is to get up, start breathing, and get moving.

Breathing from your center

3. Be aware of nutritional needs.Your day is going to be amazing, right? So why wouldn’t you want your mind and body to function at their best? Making a conscious effort to eat fresh, healthy foods and drink plenty of water throughout the day—because you and your body deserve it—helps to reinforce feelings of self-worth and support positive expectations of what the day will bring.


4. Awaken your positive self.  If we let them, the demands of life can dampen our spirit. After all, not everything goes as planned. But the attitude you choose will help you get through those obstacles. Often your biggest challenges are really only opportunities to grow, and cultivating a positive attitude can help you see the upside of adversity.

Of course, despite our best efforts to cope, many of us suffer from depression that can leave us feeling lonely and isolated. Although it may sound like a Pollyanna approach, awakening your positive self is really more about being open to the simple things that can bring a measure of happiness into our lives. Things like offering a genuine smile to a stranger or sincere greetings to those we meet throughout the day. It’s about being open to new experiences and seeking new sources of support.

Many who suffer from depression have found a great source of online support in the website This is a site where real people come together to share their experiences in dealing with a very real and potentially debilitating medical condition.


5. End your day with gratitude.  The perfect way to bookend a day that started with positive expectations is to take an evening inventory of the events that have transpired and express gratitude—maybe not for all of them—but at least for some.

Although gratitude can be expressed through your own quiet thoughts, many who study, teach, and practice personal fulfillment, recommend writing down your positive observations in a dedicated notebook or “gratitude journal”. As this may prove challenging for those not used to keeping a journal, the best way to begin is to think of the three best things that happened in your day and focus on them.

gratitude journal

The beauty of the process is that you’ll begin to see the good things that have come into your life, even things that may otherwise seem trivial. And when you end your day by consciously focusing on the positive, you’ll be setting the intention to have another great day tomorrow.

Christian has offered some excellent tips for having a more fulfilled day. What do you do to create a good day in your life? Please scroll down to the comments section and share what works for you. I welcome your feedback.


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  1. I feel I should put this on a little post-its and put it up all round the house! Great!

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