Help Needed for Changes to Streams of Consciousness

Since the inception of this blog, the focus of my Monday post has been on consciousness as it relates to inner healing and soul development. I am not going to change that because this topic is what I am called to write about at the present.

My plan is to expand the topic of consciousness at it relates to the world and how we live on a daily basis.  In order to offer more diversity on topics that apply to all of our lives, I am going to start a Wednesday and Friday guest blog. These new postings will still be part of Streams of Consciousness but they will be written by others.

I am looking for articles on the following themes as they relate to consciousness. If there is a topic you would like to know more about that is not listed here, please drop me a line in the comment section and let me know what you are interested in reading about.


Being conscious of others:  Respecting differences, ways of reaching out with kindness and compassion, noticing others needs, how to be of service to others, etc.

Being conscious of money: How do you relate to money, do you fear it, respect it, and/or love it, do you feel lack or abundance and how do you handle that, what does abundance and wealth mean to you, how do you stretch your dollars, and saving and spending tips, etc. 

Being conscious of food: Tips on healthy eating, stretching your food to last longer, buying and storage tips, food prep made easy, how to create wholesome meals, planning, respect for your food, home gardening, etc.

Being conscious of our bodies: Taking care of the body, self-nourishing things to do to pamper your body, how do you honor your body, how do you treat it, do you push your body to the max, stories about resting and sleeping, stress-management techniques, etc.

Being conscious of our living space:  Feng shui tips, cleanliness, orderliness vs. clutter, chemicals in rugs and furniture, etc.

Being conscious of our relationships: To parents, the aged, children, siblings, spouses, co-workers, how do you practice consciousness in your relationships, thoughtfulness and respect to each other, surrender, how do you bring healing to broken relationships, communication, etc.

Being conscious of the planet: Little and big things we can do to respect, honor, and care for our planet, recycling, composting, and re-gifting ideas, etc.

I am looking for original work that has not been posted in other places. Articles should be under 1,000 words and easy to read and understand. Please include a short bio with your work and one or two links to your blog, website, or social site.

Send to: I am accepting submissions immediately since I hope to make this expansion happen within the next week or two. Thank you. I look forward to hearing from you.


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5 Responses to Help Needed for Changes to Streams of Consciousness

  1. alchurchill says:

    Hey Brenda – Not sure if you are familiar with Daniel Pinchbeck, but if not, you should be. He is involved in this site I suggest you have a cruise over on there!

  2. What an excellent idea and I look forward to all that you have in store for us! Thank you with much love, Sharon

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