Guest Blog: The River

My guest blogger this week is Jason Frost. He has two blogs which are about love, loving, and authenticity. Besides writing his blogs, Jason also offers life-coaching, Reiki, distance healing, and tarot readings.
You can catch his blogs at:
I always enjoy Jason’s poetry and his words of love and inspiration.  I trust you will enjoy this poem.
The River

The River of Love flows so steadily
I jump in, oh so readily

All the life in All Life communes with me
Reminding me of our true home in divinity

We grow, we love, we learn
And then we return, to our home among the stars

Let us be grateful for each passing instant,
For every gift given is a gift of love

Returning to simplicity
A rooted, living tree

All life is free, so may it be
As it is to those who see

Safe in the River of Love

~Jason Frost 2012


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