This is a great read and a reminder to take to heart.

Zen Warrior

A good traveler has no fixed plans

and is not intent on arriving

LaoTzuTaoTeChing: Steven Mitchell translation

Life is the journey, it is not the destination. From the moment we are born life is a journey filled with inspiration, love, and adventurer.  The universe is our playground to explore with childlike curiosity.  Every day is a birth, a newness of anticipation in what might be next around the corner… the sights, the smells the touch of exploration. The world is our university to learn, to grow, to be.

How many of us view life in this context?  How many of us view life as a playground, as a journey to explore everyday?  How many of us are intent on hammering through our task lists, and waiting for the tomorrows that never come?  Life becomes routine and ordinary.  Curiosity disappears and we lose our childlike excitement and exploration…

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  2. jakesprinter says:

    Great post Brenda 🙂

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