Guest Blog: The Love Game

I am happy to have Kate Alama as a guest blogger this week. Kate, who lives in New Zealand,  is a nurse by profession, but her passion and destiny is as a numerologist.
Kate and her husband play a game called, “The Love Game.” In this post, she shares the reason for the games plus its rules .



Love (Photo credit: praram)

 ‘Love is a game that two people can play and both WIN’ – Eva Gabour

How the game was initiated:

Whilst driving together in the car, I allowed a van to merge with our lane.

My husband then spontaneously marked my thigh with his finger; I said ‘what was that for?’

He said; ‘it’s the LOVE game, you get one point every time you do something for someone that is unexpected, kind, and unconditional.

My Husband and I now invite you to participate in your own LOVE GAME.


The Rules of the Game:

Life is taken and life is given, the question is; are you ready to start living life in a state of pure joy and unconditional love?  We are all doomed for perfection.

The game costs nothing, but the gift is ultimate – the gift of LOVE.

Unlike a traditional board game, which costs the player to be involved, and the purchase of the game; this game only requires honesty, truth, and an open and willingness to generate and spread more unconditional love.

Think of life, as being like a tank of gas.  In order for us to move and progress in unity consciousness, we must first fill the tank. 

Once there is enough gas or love in the tank, we then need to initiate the spark and allow the divine energy to flow – or turn the key to the on position and drive the car.  There is no point having the vehicle filled with the gas and it just remain stay in the drive. 

image: kindness2.jpg

So too is life.  We have been given a specific purpose and reason to be on the earth at this time.  That is for LOVE – As a lot of *NDE’s have advised, the only question that they were asked when they saw their life review was – “What did you do for LOVE”

We too, also ask ourselves – whether we are conscious of it or not, how can we make the world a better place, create more peace, more love.

The truth of the matter is that it can start within one’s own backyard, family, friends, work environment….  It does not require large amounts of money or time – although this would be of more assistance on a global scale.

The only rule of the game is that Love is the key – an act which is given unconditionally and in service and gratitude of each other – it is not reserved for a specific race, culture or religious groups.

Love Love Love

Love Love Love (Photo credit: Gregory Jordan)

It may be an idea to keep a piece of paper with you either at the office, in the car or wherever you venture and list in strokes the number of times that you have done something for someone else that was not asked for. 

It would be more fun to play this game with a friend or loved one, but if you are not in that position, you can take note of how many times you do good deeds or service for someone else or the environment.

Remember to think outside the box – even the seemingly smallest of things, like feedingimage: the birds, picking up some rubbish on the ground, volunteering to read to a patient at the local rest home, hospice or hospital – or allowing that fly that has just followed you inside, the right of freedom. (Think of the fly, next time you reach for the can of ‘raid’ – Thank God, that he does not eradicate us, each time we do something ‘wrong, or unkind’)

I am sure most of you have heard about the movie ‘Pay it forward’ or at least understand the concept.  The movie portrayed a young boy who performed Random Acts of Kindness – these acts were reciprocated and the same person also performed an act of random kindness.

The idea and concept is that it is helping to assist the bigger picture and to raise the energy consciousness of the planet.

Mother Earth is going through a huge upheaval and transformation phase.  We are seeing more natural disasters, animals attacking each other and their owners.  Some groups of people think that these are the end times; they may well be! However; the time is now more critical to assist each other in raising awareness and allowing the Shekinah – The Holy Spirit, to infiltrate and become more Christ Like and to work with the Christ consciousness.

Challenge:  Start to practice the ‘Love Game’ in your everyday acts. 


Make your partner that drink; put the rubbish out; call that neighbor and ask if they need you to pick them up some more milk – who knows, there may be a slice of cake for you.

Do not do something, only to then turn around and expect something in return. How many times have we heard someone say ‘what is in it for me, what do I get out of doing this?’

My husband and I will hopefully be posting a video on You Tube after the 15th May (our wedding anniversary) showing the ‘LOVE GAME’ in action.

Unconditional Love, Light and Laughter.

* NDEs are near death experiences

Kate Alama – Personal Profiler, can be reached at: or text to: 0211396388|

I wonder what would happen in the world if:
Everyone who reads this blog would pass the message along to one other person.
If we each challenge ourselves to at least one random act of kindness every day.


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2 Responses to Guest Blog: The Love Game

  1. I love it. What a wonderful way to do nice things for people with no hope for reward in return. The deed itself is its own reward. lovely guest post! (I’ll get mine as soon as I can, apologies for the busyness).

    • brendamarroy says:

      Thanks Amberr. It is a lovely thought and a great game.
      I’m looking forward to your guest post and I know it will arrive at just the right time. No hurry, no rush. Take care of yourself. xoxoxo

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