Guest Blog: Keep a Smile on That Beautiful Face

DanasiaMy guest blogger this week is Danasia.  I just started reading this young woman’s blog and I find it entertaining and interesting.  Her blog title is “born at twentyfive” and her tagline is “fully living, learning, and searching for the beauty in everything.”

Danasia vowed that when she turned 25,  she’d truly start living life to the fullest. She vowed to learn something new as often as possible, and to find the beauty in everything. Her method to staying accountable to her vow is to write a blog.

Keep A Smile on That Beautiful Face! (4 Reasons to Be Thankful)

  When I first moved back to Florida, I was really down. I was having a hard time finding work and I was starting to run really low on funds. A good girlfriend of mine called to catch up. Immediately she could tell I wasn’t my normal upbeat self. Her being the blatantly honest type (that is of course why I love her), called me out on it! She asked why I was pouting and being a baby, when I had soo much to be thankful for! She reminded me that I live 5 minutes from a beautiful beach, that the weather is so much warmer than it was in NYC, and that I should think of this time without a job as a much needed vacation. Everything she said was exactly what I needed to hear. So this guest blog post (Thank you soo much Brenda for giving me the opportunity to do this) will be all about thankfulness. Here are my top 4 Reasons to be Thankful:

1.     It Helps Alleviate Depression  Even in the hardest of times, remembering things that you are thankful for helps to boost your mood. A therapist friend of mine, says that keeping a thankfulness journal and writing down three things a day that you are thankful for, helps most people feel less depressed. It helps them to see what they have that is good in their lives.

2.     Being Thankful Is Good For Your Health – I recently read this article Research on Thankfulness. Researchers in the article have found that people who are thankful are overall healthier than people who aren’t.

3.     Being Thankful Helps Build Better Relationships – People like to know that they are appreciated. When you thank anyone who has done something for you it establishes an interpersonal connection. It creates a bond of awareness and kindness between you and the other person.

4.     When You’re Thankful, You Receive More –  I truly believe that what you put out, is what you get back when it comes to many things in life. When you thank someone for how they’ve treated you, they are more likely to continue to treat you in that regard then they would be if you were ungrateful for their behavior.  Having a thankful attitude towards life and the people around you, cause others to have the same attitude towards you.

 I hope this motivates you to keep that smile on your face and to be thankful for all you have!


Thank you Danasia for adding sunshine to our day with your motivational words.

Check out her blog at:


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3 Responses to Guest Blog: Keep a Smile on That Beautiful Face

  1. Oh, this is wonderful. Being thankful has so many benefits. I can’t think of one benefit of being ungrateful, Excellent post!

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