Follow up to “Changing the World” Post

I received many responses on my post last week about what I would do if I had the ability to effect lasting change in the world. Most of my readers agreed with the list I presented; however, there were a couple who had different and interesting ideas. You may want to check out their blogs.

1. Everyone would start with equality in relation to race, creed, religion, or gender.
2. Laws that are made would be enforced as written…no questions.
3. There would be a much tougher law for abuse of any animal.
4. Much less money, or maybe none, would be spent on space exploration. Instead money would be spent on meeting the needs in the world that are already present.

I would see to it that all people were given the knowledge and wisdom to facilitate them living in harmony. If I could really create it, people would go within much more and return to their own inner authority, release all their attachment and greed and we would all create so much beauty for ourselves and the planet. There would be places where everyone is welcome and we work together and are gentle with one another, understanding higher truths, and that we are all working for a higher purpose of serving the light. The task at hand is uncreating all the mistakes we’ve made, and if we all were given the space and love to find our own inner truth, this would be seen as a worthwhile undertaking. We would all be working together to create communities that are sustainable as well as create things that make the earth happy. We would see no more separation, we would all be healed and in love with life!

Thanks to all who read my blog.


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2 Responses to Follow up to “Changing the World” Post

  1. These are such great points. I especially like the one about space exploration – I feel that is very valid. That money could be spent helping people who have no homes, no food etc.

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