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Today, I have a guest post from a fellow blogger named Megan .  I subscribe to her blog, which is about kindness, generosity, compassion and empathy. Her words are beautiful, truthful, and touching. Please check out her blog at:



I am incredibly grateful to my 6yo son for helping me to see the world around me through fresh eyes.

He helps me to see the magic in everyday moments. 

On the walk to school yesterday we stood enthralled as a car was loaded onto a tow-truck.  We watched impressed as the council worker mowed the footpath with dexterity and grace.  We approached the passionfruit vine on the footpath with a sense of anticipation -checking for ripe passionfruit since we last walked past.

A child sees the world with a sense of wonder and innocence that we tend to lose as we grow older.

For them each experience is brand new, and exciting.  There is joy to be found in everything, and laughter and fun.

As adults we can be prone to becoming quite jaded – we think we have seen it all, and done it all.  We can see things through a filter of “too tired”, “too stressed”, “too busy”.   There are many days that we wish away – when things get us down, and we just want the day to be over with as quickly as possible. 

Or we view experiences as “good, bad or neutral”.

Children can teach us so much – they approach experiences with a sense of awe, and without preconceptions.  With what can be called “beginners mind”.

The idea behind “beginners mind” is that you take all of the things you know (or you think you know), all of your brilliant opinions, your reason and your logic, and you put it aside.

Using beginners mind there is always something new to be found.  Even in those activities that we do everyday – the drive to work, making dinner, or doing the shopping. 

I am reminded of the Dalai Lama – he finds such joy and happiness in each moment.  He is always smiling and shows  us true beginners mind, looking at everything with fresh eyes.

Using beginners mind helps us to cultivate awareness and appreciation.

If we are not mindful we can miss the sheer wonderfulness of life and the simple and beautiful things to be found in each moment.

Moment by moment life flows by and no two moments are ever the same. Life is ever changing, it’s dynamic, and it is a miracle. 

I am taking Megan’s words to heart, because I find myself too often viewing life through a jaded filter.

Thank you Megan for your wise and kind words. You can visit Megan on facebook also.

 © Megan Livingston 2012


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13 Responses to Guest Blog from: I Stop for Suffering

  1. Wow Megan, this made me take off my shades and look at the real colors of life!That was so true!Thanx Brenda for posting it!

  2. coachdougbowers says:

    I married a beautiful lady from Thailand who still giggles and squeals when she sees the leaves falling in autum. She always has her nose stuck in a flower somewhere and she never fails to amaze me with her beginners mind view of things. Yet she has several University degrees and is a professional interpreter. Everything from a kitten to a snowflake to a new flavor ice-cream makes her eyes go wide with wonder. The Dalai Lama and Buddhadasa Bhikku are her two mentors. She sheds light on life for me everyday.
    A wonderful post. Thank you so much.


  3. Reblogged this on istopforsuffering and commented:
    I was honoured to write this post for Brenda ♥

  4. Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity of being a guest writer for your blog – it was an honour ♥

    • brendamarroy says:

      Thank you Megan. I’m honored also that you would give me the opportunity to share your beautiful words with others. This is an open invitation for you to write and send me as many articles as you would like for me to use as a guest blog.

  5. I love being in the presence of a child. All of mine are adults now and even the grandchildren..I have a great grandchild 3yrs old, which I really wish we could see more often…but my husband and I talk to little ones with their parents or just smile at them..wherever we seem to be..restaurants, shopping malls, grocery stores… and invariably they smile back and that warms the soul….Diane

    • brendamarroy says:

      Hi Diane,
      It’s wonderful to watch how children “do” life. They’re unjaded, and have not yet learned to use filters. Sometimes, when I’m with a child, I get down on their level in order to help me to see what they see.
      I love that you and your husband are able to relate to children. What a gift.
      Thank you for your comment. Brenda

  6. This was a really thought provoking post!

  7. LadyBlueRose's Thoughts Into Words says:

    I am one of those that will stop the car to admire and talk to someone about the flowers in their yard LOLs…
    I liked this… I will be more aware of not over thinking….
    Thank you Brenda as always a great post!
    Take Care…
    (now I’ll go check her blog out)

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