Daily Practices

From The Sunrise Ruby by Rumi

“Work. Keep digging your well.
Don’t think about getting off from work.
Water is there somewhere.

Submit to a daily practice.
Your loyalty to that
is a ring on the door.

Keep knocking, and the joy inside
will eventually open a window
and look out to see who’s there.”

Gaining insight and attaining a place of peace and quietness is not arrived at by sporadic moments of paying attention and practicing presence. Staying on the path and being mindful of Spirit by being true to our daily practices, is what grants us an entry and an abiding within the inner sanctum.

There are times when my daily practices seem empty, but I give myself up to them regardless. It’s a matter of discipline, which means to remember what I want.  My heart hungers for continuous unfolding into wholeness. I long to grow in compassion and love, and to have peace rule my physical and soul house.

When we continuously and consciously set ourself before creator energy in a ,”here I am mentality that thirsts for more of the divine, “we do receive what we need most. I call it showing up, and if we don’t take the time to show up for what matters, how can we expect to have more of the divine mystery that we long for.  

image from: dreamstime.com

Here are a few of the daily rituals I practice. I do some of them every day, throughout the day, but I do not do all of them every day.  What works for me is to go with what is calling to me at any particular time.

1. Practice deep conscious breathing
2. Prayer
3. Writing my feelings and observations
4. Reading poetry (My favorites are Rumi, David Whyte and Mary Oliver)
5. Lighting candles on my altar
6. Writing in my gratitude journal
7. Listening quietly to the sounds around me
8. Slow,relaxing walks where I notice trees, grass, flowers, people, etc.
9. Mindfulness, which is a practice that teaches moment-to-moment awareness.
10. Let at least one person in my world know I care about them.

image from: knock.com

It does not matter whether I feel like knocking at the door or giving myself up to a ritual, I do it anyway. Practicing daily rituals is part of practicing spirituality.

I’ve listed only a few ways of maintaining connection to Spirit. What daily practices do you do? Please let me know so I can compile a list and share with all of my readers.

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7 Responses to Daily Practices

  1. The rituals you take part in seem to be very good ways to relax, too, and channel your inner calm and peace. I always feel so good when I read your posts. I can feel your strength and your positive mindset in everything you write, and I just want you to know I think very highly of you.

  2. brendamarroy says:

    How wonderful to hear that you’ve found a daily practice that works for you. I really believe we need to continue to show up to our practices, and to stay awake to seeing god in everything in life. I’ve noticed how easy it is to try and separate the spiritual from the everyday, but in essence god is in everything and ie. everything is spiritual.
    I enjoy your heartfelt comments and appreciate you for taking the time to read my blog and give me feedback. Thank you.

  3. This is wonderful. My routine is similar. You are right, it doesn’t matter if you feel empty or not when you do something, just the fact that you’re doing it gets you to wholeness. You are so spot on with that. There are days where I have to force myself, exhausted to say my prayer before bed, or write in my journal, but I know that because I make myself do it, it becomes more of a habit and more a part of me, well, making me more whole. Meditating is probably my favorite thing to do, besides writing. Great post. 🙂

  4. I had been praying for the past year that God would help me to be in a closer relationship with Him. Now I knew that He was doing His part….being always there and present whenever we call…so I realized it was I that had to change the way I was doing things. Prayer for me had been basically done in Church or in my bed as I settled in for the night. The trouble being that I often would fall asleep during the time I was praying.

    So after determining the best time of day to do something more, I found that the time JUST BEFORE…. I retired for the night was the best time. I read a devotional online and the scripture relating to it. Then I try and determine how it possibly relates to me or those in my family or circle of friends. Then I say my prayers for who or what is on my heart at that particular time.

    One extra thing I do is take time to Thank God for all that He has done or will do because I asked and believed. Sometimes I don’t ask for anything…I just give thanks. I have been doing this for about the last three months and with God’s help will continue.

    It has made a difference in my life as I have been thinking ‘outside the box’ or stepping ‘out of my comfort zone’.

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