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Finding Our Center

 A center is a safe haven. I compare my haven to the eye of a storm. When I’m in the center of my soul, I’m in a place of stillness. Though the storm may rage all around me, the winds are … Continue reading

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Guest Blog: Keep a Smile on That Beautiful Face

My guest blogger this week is Danasia.  I just started reading this young woman’s blog and I find it entertaining and interesting.  Her blog title is “born at twentyfive” and her tagline is “fully living, learning, and searching for the … Continue reading

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Nursing My Aching Back

 This won’t be my usual blog because I’ve had an unusual week. Due to an aching back I have not spent the time that I usually do sitting at my desk and writing. I’ve dealt with a backache for over a … Continue reading

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Follow up to “Changing the World” Post

I received many responses on my post last week about what I would do if I had the ability to effect lasting change in the world. Most of my readers agreed with the list I presented; however, there were a … Continue reading

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Guest Blog from: I Stop for Suffering

Today, I have a guest post from a fellow blogger named Megan .  I subscribe to her blog, which is about kindness, generosity, compassion and empathy. Her words are beautiful, truthful, and touching. Please check out her blog at: THROUGH … Continue reading

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Being Aware of our Pain-Body

Part of being on a spiritual journey is continuous growth. There are things I think I know and have really gotten a handle on, and in the twinkling of an eye something will happen and I will see how little … Continue reading

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If I Could Change the World

In the middle of a conversation the other day, I was asked to contemplate the following question: If I had the means and the power to change anything in the world, what five things would I change? My first thought … Continue reading

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