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The Sleeping Giant

It feels like there is a sleeping giant within me, and I’m waiting for it to wake up. There’s something on the horizon, something new to me that I’ve been waiting to see. I don’t know what it is, in fact … Continue reading

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Life is a Banquet

Last week was a low spot in my life. Within four days, I had to say good-bye to my beloved pet, and my ninety-year old mother fell and broke her hip. The combination of these two events happening within days, … Continue reading

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Guest Blog: Honouring Your Spirituality

I am honored to have Nicole Cody as a guest blogger. Nicole writes a really good blog, where she shares her musings, recipes, and adventures. A couple of months ago I found her blog, and after reading her words of wisdom … Continue reading

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Saying Good-Bye to Sheba

Sadly, I’m going to have my cat, Sheba, put to sleep later this morning. I am not sure how I will get up and walk out of that veterinarian office without her, but somehow I will find the grace to do … Continue reading

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I Wish I Was a Magician

When I look into the future, I would like to see world peace. I want for every one to have enough to eat, adequate clothing, a place they can call home, and a dream for themselves and their family. I’m probably … Continue reading

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Anything and Everything That Is Not Me

The things that are going on in this world, that make me weak in the knees and fill my heart with sorrow are: So many people at war, children starving, women being brutalized, women and children being sold into slavery, soldiers … Continue reading

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This is a beautiful post by one of my favorite bloggers. Cauldrons and Cupcakes I promised yesterday that I would write about one recurring dream I had as a small child. If I am honest, it was not one dream, … Continue reading

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