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Recently, I was a guest blogger on my cyber friend Amberr’s blogsite. Following is a reblog of what I sent her. Check out Amber’s blog, “Bump on a Blog.” I believe you’ll enjoy it, since she posts on many diverse topics and has quite a few guest bloggers.

I have a lovely guest post today from Brenda Lightfeather Marroy, a kind woman I am delighted to have discovered. She’s here to share a little wisdom for Thoughtful Thursday,and I really love how she has been able to create one of the most beautiful, heartfelt streams of thought. Enjoy!


Having a soft place to land means having a place that is occupied by caring and compassionate people, who will be able to sit quietly with you and listen as you talk, or cry, or rant and rave, and withhold all judgments, all blame and shame, and all make wrong, because they know within that it’s okay to feel whatever you are feeling, and they also know how wrong and devastating it would be to make you wrong as you pour out your heart and soul, and cry your pain and sadness, and shout your anger at your mother for not being there for you, and at your children for not trusting you, and your father for abandoning you, and sob your pain because you feel deep down in your soul the hurt you felt that you left behind and buried in order to survive in a dysfunctional family that did not know how to support you or love you or give you what you needed, because they were too caught up in their own unexpressed, unseen, and unknown sense of tragedy in their souls, and because no one ever offered you a place of refuge where you knew you were loved for you, just because you were you, with no judgment about who you were, not who they thought you should be in their blindness and their total inability to see.

I finally found my soft place to land—and it’s in my own acceptance and love for all of who I am.


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