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Abstractly Distracted

Autonomy.  Sovereignty.  Freedom.  Choice.  Personal power.

Those are words I try to live by, to live up to.  All of those were taken from me, or excluded from my world as a child, but there is a war on women happening more regressive than anything I’ve known in my lifetime.

I fought for my rights, took back my power, planted my flag on my hilltop, and drew my sword.  I lost ground many times, but managed to return, even when my chances looked dim.

The abortion debate angers me so much.  If you are ‘pro-life’ then don’t have an abortion.  I am not ‘pro-abortion’, but I am pro-choice.  If a woman gets pregnant, and for whatever reason, does not want to have that child, she has more rights than that zygote growing inside her until it becomes a fetus, and able to survive on its own.  Religious zealots, mostly men…

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