This blog is called Streams of Consciousness and my intention is always to write from what I consider my consciousness. When I went back and read my blog from last week, I realized I made an incorrect statement and feel the necessity of retracting something I said. 

So, here goes.  I said that my mother has dementia. What I should have said is that I believe my mother has the beginning stages of dementia, based on what I see and what I know about dementia. However, I am not a doctor and therefore am not qualified to make a diagnosis on anyone’s state of mental or physical health. Forgive me for my haughtiness in making that statement.


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2 Responses to Retraction

  1. Lucy Marroy says:

    Since when do you need an M.D. to know or “assume” someone has dementia?
    I do not have an M.D.; however, I do have common sense. I read Dr. Gott and watch Dr. Phil and Oprah.
    If Pearl does not have the beginning stage of dementia, then I have been misled by this very intelligent group of people.
    Someone who may have assualted you for your lack of “medical degree” is just being MEAN.

    • brendamarroy says:

      Thank you Lucy. You know the pain I’m going through right now and I’m just trying to keep everything honest and straight. I was using my common sense also in saying my mother has dementia. But, due to the grief I received from family about the statement, I did what I thought was best and that was to print a retraction and admit that I am not qualified to diagnose my mother. But, yes like you, I do strongly believe she has dementia.

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