Meeting My Challenge

Saturday, Oct. 15

Tomorrow is the last day of our move and I have to say that this has been the easiest and most peaceful move I’ve ever made. Paul and I both are grateful that we had the presence of mind and the extra cash to rent the house a week in advance. Having this week to move stuff dailyand start putting things away has really been helpful. We’re more than 1/2 way complete  and looking forward to tomorrow to finish the deal.

I started my week in good spirits and with lots of energy. Last weekend I was  in Kentucky working and staying with a close friend. After being in her presence from Friday afternoon until Sunday morning, I was on a high from her love and support. So, when I got up Monday morning I was ready to roll.

I started loading and unloading boxes on Monday, and spent most of my day going back and forth. Tuesday, I only made one trip over because I wanted to fix a good dinner for me and Paul. After we ate we went to the funeral home to pay our respects to the father- in- law of one of Paul’s co-workers.  We got home around 8:00 and I fell asleep on the couch early.

Wednesday I worked in my office all morning finishing up an assignment for the class I’m taking, catching up on e-mails, and taking care of business. I had an acupuncture appointment in the early afternoon and after going to the Health Food Co-Op I went to the new house and unloaded a car full of boxes. I stayed at the house and put more stuff away (I’m about 98% through with the kitchen), then I went and picked Paul up from work. We had a bite to eat and once again I fell asleep early.

Thursday Paul was off and we moved four loads of boxes and emptied the storage shed. It rained on and off most of the day so we didn’t get to move all the stuff we’d planned on. The best part of getting our stuff out of storage was finding my boxes of china. My mother gave me a set of china a few years back and when I moved out of my house I packed it away. I had not seen it for over five years, so I was anxious to unpack it.  Those two boxes of china are the only boxes I opened from storage; the other sixty or so are in the basement waiting for me. I facilitated a women’s circle Thursday night and because I was so uplifted by the spirit of the women, I came home energized again.

Friday morning I headed to the house early because the cable person was coming to install new wiring. I arrived one-half hour early and to my chagrin, found out I was locked out of the house. Somehow, when Paul and I left Thursday afternoon we must have unknowingly flipped the lock on the outside storm door. Both storm doors were locked, so I stood there looking at the house trying to figure how I was going to get in.

My landlady’s parents live around the corner so I walked to their house. Jay, the father, reminded me I had a key for one of the basement doors. I walked back to the house and tried the key, which did not work. I went back to Jay’s and he gave me his key, which did work. I was so happy as I bounded up the stairs to the kitchen door only to remember that I’d locked the door from the inside. I started checking all the windows and thank goodness one window was unlocked. I went and got a ladder and climbed in through the window. As soon as I got in the house and opened the doors, the cable person showed up. Perfect timing.

Now that we’re coming into home-stretch, I can look back and see some of the things we did right in preparing for this move.

We were prepared and organized
We were willing to go with the flow, knowing there would probably be a bump or two in the road (and there was)
We stopped often to rest, regroup, and take a few deep breaths
I made lists (I started a folder and listed all connects and disconnects, with phone numbers & account numbers.
                       I also made a list of everyone who needed to be notified of our change of address. As each task was done, I checked
                       it off and put the date it was done next to it.)
We hired two men for tomorrow to load and unload the truck.
We’ve had fun. Paul and I stopped often to laugh at something silly.

I’ve noticed how much better I’ve slept every night this week. I believe it’s because I’ve been tired from lots of physical work all day. But, even though my body has been tired, I’ve felt great. I’m aware of how high my energy is and how much contentment I’m feeling. I don’t think I’ve felt this well since I had my open heart surgery last year.

Monday, October 17

We’re in the house and the move has gone great.  I feel I met my challenge of staying peaceful, not rushing myself, and being present to the experience. I’ve had a wonderful week and I’m already loving being in our new space. I appreciate all the comments and support I’ve received from many after my last blog. Thanks to all. Below are a few pictures taken yesterday afternoon when we finished the move.

basement room loaded with boxes


corner of kitchen


dining area


one side of living room


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