A Moving Challenge

Thursday, October 6

I run a small business on the side and for the past two years I’ve been slowly bringing it to a close. It’s called Massaging Insoles. I own a distributorship for my product, and the way I sell it is to rent a booth at conventions, conferences, and home shows. I usually travel for these shows and have spent a lot of time on the road over the years. It’s been a good business and has provided for me since 2002. So far this year, I’ve only worked seven conferences so I’ve had a lot of time at home.

Wouldn’t you know,  now that October is here and I have two shows to do out-of-town, we finally found a house to move into. Our lease expires this month on the apartment we’ve been renting, so if we did not look for a house now, we’d have to wait another six months. Towards the middle of September, we started looking, and we found a house that had the things and the location we were looking for.  After careful thought we decided to rent the place.

As soon as we signed the papers , I began to pack up this apartment, and make lists of what I needed to do to make this move.  For the past two weeks I’ve packed a little every day, and I can see where I’m starting to make a dent. It’s amazing what two people can accumulate in the act of living.

 I leave tomorrow (Friday) to work an Expo in Kentucky and will get home Sunday afternoon, Oct. 9.  Paul and I will pick up the keys for our house when I get home, so we can start moving on Monday, Oct. 10. I plan on bringing over at least two car loads every day and we’ll bring over a pickup truck load every evening. On Sunday, Oct. 16, we will complete the move and be out of our apartment.

One part of me is delighted with finding a house we like that has what we are looking for, and the other part of me is feeling very stressed over having so much to do and having to be gone. Once we get in the house on the 16th, I’ll have five days before I have to leave to work a conference in Ohio. I’ll be gone four days for that trip. About one week after I get home from Ohio, I’ll be flying down to Louisiana to pick up my mother and bring her back to our house for a visit. Then I’ll have to drive her back to New Orleans which is a fourteen hour trip from here. I wonder if you can hear how challenged I’m feeling.

look at my schedule and wonder out loud, why couldn’t my lease have expired in the spring or summer when I had months to make a move? Why now, when my calendar is full? The irony of it all is that sometimes that’s just the way life is. Things seem to happen at inopportune moments. In order to keep my sanity, I’ve concluded that if I choose to, I can look at all of this differently and make the month of October an opportune time. I can look at this move and all that’s going on with the realization that it will all work out one way or another, if I take it one moment at a time.  It always does. I’ve appeased myself with the thought that I’ll have all winter to empty boxes and sort through stuff and decide where to put what. There really doesn’t have to be a rush, unless I make it one.

I’m a “let’s get it done now” type of person, so this is not going to be an easy task for me. My husband who is very laid back, will be okay living out of boxes until I can find the time to go through all of our stuff and decide what to keep, what to get rid of, and where to put everything. By the way, we’re emptying a storage shed of “stuff” and furniture that was in my other house, most of which has been packed for five years. I’m actually looking forward to seeing what treasures I’ve packed away and forgotten about. Paul is usually cool, calm, and collected and can just as easily walk around a box, as he can walk through an empty room. I’m the one who freaks and loses my cool and goes haywire when “things” are not in order.

So, it should be an interesting two to three months in our house. What I want to have happen is for me to get up every morning and remember to take time for my daily ritual, my prayer and my breathing, and not feel I need to dive into the boxes. Can I do it folks? Can I stay surrendered to what is and go with the flow? I’m sure going to put my energy into staying calm and letting it all unfold one day at a time. With my husband’s love and encouragement to slow down and take it easy, and my friends support for my peace and well-being, I think I’ll be okay. It will definitely be something different for me to do, because I can spaz fairly easily. I’ll keep you posted on whether I can rise  to meet this challenge easily and effortlessly.

Our new house:

Our new house


backyard of new house


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2 Responses to A Moving Challenge

  1. Betsy says:

    You can rise to the occasion. Just remember, nothing has to be done “right now,” except living and loving. Otherwise, stuff can wait. It will be a good lesson for you. Paul’s laid back. With your schedule, you can practice being laid back. Good luck. You’ll make the right decisions. These do NOT include wearing yourself out. Heck, if a box isn’t unpacked, through a table cloth over it and make it a piece of furniture until you can get to it. It doesn’t care. You shouldn’t either.

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