The Unfolding of Streams of Consciousness

I’ve blogged now for nine months. It almost seems funny when I think about how nervous and scared I was when I began this blog site. Being technically challenged,  I did not understand how to navigate the pages of WordPress, as a new writer I was afraid I’d run out of ideas, and I feared no one would want to read what I was writing. I titled my first blog, Saying Goodbye to my Comfort Zone,  and that’s exactly what I did. I was not sure of the purpose of naming my blog Streams of Consciousness, but that’s what was given to me by Spirit, so I ran with it. 

 I struggled a bit in the beginning while trying to find my way, but as I’ve persevered and learned, I’m feeling much more comfortable with my writing.  I now run two blogs (check out Soul Food at , I’m taking a class on shaping and writing a novel, I’m writing a personal development day book, I’ve created a line of consciousness cards, I’ve established a presence and a business on Facebook, and I’ve joined Twitter and LinkedIn.

Not long after I started this blog, I asked my husband to be a part of my effort, by leaving me a one word prompt every morning. He started doing that during the second week of my blog, and he’s still leaving me a word a day. Recently, I told him I needed meatier words and/or phrases, so the words he leaves me now have taken on a different meaning.  This week his prompts were: remarkable, spasmodic, ridicule, earnest, and consistency. These words are very significant, and I’ve had a lot to chew on and write about .

I believe the progress I’ve made in understanding the blogging world, and consistently learning how to hone my craft, has been remarkable. I’m very conscious of what I write and I’m earnest in my attempt to turn out a blog a week for Streams of Consciousness. I’m grateful that, to this point, no one has ridiculed what I write, at least not to my face. In fact, the feedback I have received has for the most part been very supportive and loving. I am happy to say that my enthusiasm for getting this blog out every Monday is akin to  being spasmodic, in that I have outbursts of emotional excitement over my topics. I usually start chewing on my thoughts the Thursday before, and begin the writing process in plenty enough time for me to write a rough draft and complete at least three edits before my publish day of Monday.

My purpose for writing Streams of Consciousness is to share my personal truth and journey with the world. My truth is not necessarily yours, and my journey may in no way resemble yours, but we have common bonds. We’re all humans who are a part of Divine Consciousness, searching for our highest good, and on a path to somewhere.  My hope in writing about my healing processes, and my truth as I know it, is to help shift the consciousness of humanity to a higher plane. My soul longs to see peace and compassion flowing through the masses, and I believe to have that in our world, we have to dwell in Spirit. Every soul who begins to question her/his life, and who begins to look within for truth and meaning, brings us one step closer to a world of peace. Benevolent, divine, creator energy is within all, therefore our answers to life and our quest for peace is to be found within. We cannot find what we’re longing for in the outer world. It’s all contained within, in Spirit.

I don’t know what’s in store for my future in writing, all I do know is that I’m going to continue the process as long as it is my passion. I’d love to hear from more of my readers about the content of my blog. You, my readers, are my reason for continuing to stream my consciousness to the page. I’d like to know if you’re affected in any way by what I write, because your feedback helps me to chart my course. I’ve had many experiences in life to write about, so I have plenty material to draw from. But, what’s important to me, is not just to fill a page with words, but to put my words together in such an order that they offer hope, insight, and blessings to many.


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4 Responses to The Unfolding of Streams of Consciousness

  1. gingerclub says:

    Dear Brenda,

    Congratulation on your progression in such a short time and your consistency in writing. Being a blogger myself I know how tough it can be sometimes to keep up the discipline. Most of your articles strike a chord within me. What you say is true and honest which I appreciate a lot. I hope to read a lot more:-))


  2. brendamarroy says:

    Thanks Sharon. I’m grateful to have you as a companion on my journey and I enjoy what you post on FB. I appreciate your thoughtful comments.

  3. Sharon O'Connor says:

    Hi Brenda~

    Thanks for sharing your process and your intention for creating your blog. I’m a new comer to your Stream of Consciousness page. We have similar interests and I like to read what others are willing to share from their life experience. I love connecting to places of resonance and joy, and feel a boost in my own life when I learn new things and I feel inspired by creative expressions in all their forms . . . art, writing, music, dance . . . etc. I especially love seeing how spirit arrives in the lives of others and how that gets expressed. Most of us like to feel or know we have companions on the journey, and sharing like this is valuable.


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