Gifts Received While On The Road

It’s Monday morning and I’m glad to be home again. I was in Cincinnati last week, working a music teacher’s conference.  I’m a homebody so it’s not easy for me to be on the road. When I’m gone I miss my husband, my home, and my simple way of life. Because I’m a writer and home most of the time, I do things the way I want to do them. My days are usually slow and balanced.  When I’m tired, I rest, when I’m hungry and thirsty, I eat and drink, and when I need quietness for my soul, I stop what I’m doing and meditate. I appreciate ritual and order and because I know how well this lifestyle works for me I’ve given myself permission to be fully into it and to enjoy the slowness of it all.

My husband and I live a quiet, peaceful life. We’re not really into things so we don’t buy all the latest gimmicks and gadgets.  We don’t text, nor do we have I-phones or I-pods or whatever they’re called. People tell us we’re like dinosaurs living in a modern world. They’re probably right and that’s okay because our joy and contentment comes from things that can’t be bought.  I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with all of the latest gadgets, they just don’t interest me. Sitting with my husband, or alone, and looking at the moon as it hangs in the sky, hearing the sounds of the leaves as they rustle in the wind, seeing a bright orange sun as it comes over the horizon and chases away the darkness, reading a book, seeing and touching rocks, trees, flowers, and plants, hearing the sound of my friend’s voices, holding my husband’s hand as we watch a movie, and/or listening to music; these are the things that thrill my soul and make me feel alive. 

The hustle and bustle of the world seem far removed from me and my life, so when I go into the world to do a job, I am shocked at how fast everyone and everything is moving.  I get weary watching the masses stay busy trying to have more, be more, and do more. Sometimes it makes my head spin and I feel bombarded by noise and chaos. 

I was in that place on Saturday morning when I walked into the Duke Energy Center in Cincinnati for the last day of the music show. I’d been on the road for four days and I was longing for home. Because creator energy is responsive to our needs, I’m aware that when I knock, the door opens, and when I ask, I receive. Sitting quietly asking spirit for a drink of cool, clear water from a deep well so I could quench the thirst in my soul for a heart connection , I suddenly heard the most beautiful music coming from somewhere down the aisle. I walked to the edge of my booth and looked out and standing in the aisle were six music students with violins in their hands. They were playing Pachelbel’s Canon in D and they were playing it excellently without missing a note. The sound of that  heavenly music touched my soul and I drank deeply as I felt myself being lifted with each crescendo. The music, which only lasted a few minutes, was enough to rejuvenate me and enable me to finish the job I was doing. I’m pretty certain those young musicians had no idea of the gift they were giving to me as they played their violins. 

That was only the beginning of spirit meeting the needs of my heart. My dear friend, Heather, came to where I was staying on Saturday night and we spent a couple of hours making deep heart connections with each other. As I sat and listened to her I felt my soul being sated.  Then on Sunday morning, when I walked out to my car in the parking lot, it was just dark enough for me to look up  and see the beautiful crescent moon hanging in the sky. I got in my car to come home and while driving on interstate  the sun came up as I came over a rise in the road. There in front of me was the deepest, most brilliant orange sun that I’ve ever seen. It took my breath away as it reminded me of how majestic and mysterious life can be. To receive the gift of being able to  look up at the dark sky and see the moon in all of her glory and then to see the sun come up all within a matter of an hour,  humbled me and filled me with reverence for my creator and for life. It’s these little things in life that overwhelm me and fill me to the brim.

Because of the gifts I received while on the road, I felt sustained in my spirit and had a pleasant, safe trip home. I’m glad to be back to my quiet and non-chaotic world and I’m looking forward to a new week of writing and getting my prompts from Paul every morning.


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6 Responses to Gifts Received While On The Road

  1. wildmountainheart says:

    Thank you for being a gift to me while you were out on the road and everyday for that matter. Thank you for sharing your stories and your heart with the world. When you were describing your drive back home, I was instantly taken right back to my drive to your home. My heart was so overwhelmed by the beauty that surrounded me, I didn’t think I could get any lighter. Thank you for the reminder of that beauty and that feeling. The incredible part of those types of gifts is the fact that we can continually receive the blessing of that gift anytime because of the memory. I am so happy to have the gift of you in my life and in my memory bank, to be blessed anytime I need it. I love you.

  2. cheryl says:

    Those are the moments when God shows us what breathtaking beauty He has created! They are also moments when we feel like the tiniest grain of sand or the smallest drop of rain yet, in God’s eyes, are the most unique and most profound creation of them all! ~

  3. brendamarroy says:

    Thank you Karen. I love the act of creating a story and feel honored to know that people enjoy reading what I’ve created.

  4. Karen Simcak says:

    I really enjoy and look forward to reading what you will be sending the following week. You really have a way with words.

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