My Love Affair with Books and Words

          This has been an interesting week. I’ve worked with my prompts on a daily basis and have had some breakthrough moments.  I loved writing about “red” which is my favorite color, and “stick” which reminded me of my penchant for drawing stick people. The reason I draw stick people is because my talent lies in “words” and not in drawing.  There are a number of artists in my family, however I’m definitely not one. But, what I am is a writer, so I related to the word “shelves.”   I’m not sure how my husband comes up with these words, but wherever he gets his inspiration, the words are always useful to me. (Thank you Paul.)

           The word shelves immediately conjured up a picture of book shelves.   In 1951 when my grandparents moved into their new home, my mother, brother and I moved in with them. The things I loved most about that home were the oak parquet flooring which to my young mind was elegant, the solarium in the back of the house that was almost always filled with sunshine, the attic fan that helped keep us cool at night, and the built-in bookcase in the living room. That bookcase was filled with magazines, books, and pictures.  I remember sitting on the floor in front of the bookcase looking at the titles of the books and running my fingers over the spines as I wondered what each book was about.  At 10 years old I usually had my nose buried in a Nancy Drew or Bobbsey Twins mystery, so books like “Breakfast at Antoine’s”, “Dragonwyck,” “Ivanhoe,” and “The Good Earth” did not call to me. I just liked to hold them and thumb through them, and let their titles stretch my imagination.  My mother still lives in that house and when I visit her I always check the bookcase to see if the books from my childhood are still there. And they are, except for “The Good Earth”, which no one seems to know why or how it disappeared. 

          I still am an avid reader and a book lover. My books are my treasures and I display them and handle them with love and care. I like the feel of the pages in a book, the way the words sometimes dance and other times crawl across a page, and the smell of the cardboard and paper. I could never have too many books in my home and I am usually reading at least 2 or 3 books at a time due to my hunger and love of the written word. Books take me to imaginary lands, they help to heal my soul, they teach me about life, they inspire me to be the best I can be, and like a faithful taskmaster they push me to write my own words.

           I can’t imagine life without a book at my bedside and on every side table and desk in our home.  I have bookcases and boxes filled with books and I keep adding to my collection. A family member told me once that I should consider borrowing books from a library instead of spending money buying them. I told her that borrowing wasn’t even a consideration because once I have a book in my hands I don’t want to give it up. I give careful thought to the books I buy and rarely have I brought a book home that was so bad and so hard to read that I wound up giving it away. My favorite books are those that challenge me to find and live my authenticity and to grow fully into myself.

          I believe that one of the reasons I love books is because I love words. I hunger to know the origin of words and spend time studying the etymology of different words. I also like the sounds words make and the effect words have on people’s lives. Words are powerful and they can create and destroy. I’ve been transformed, excited, scared, saddened and calmed by words. Recently, I’ve been called a wordsmith by a couple of friends and as I think about it I guess I am. I work with words and I delight in arranging them on a piece of paper so they make sense.

           I always want to choose my words carefully and practice saying them with love and compassion. And I want to continue to commit my words to paper with the idea of adding something positive to other’s lives. Until next week, I’m going to keep filling my life with others words and emptying myself by putting words on paper.


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10 Responses to My Love Affair with Books and Words

  1. I am a book lover and love reading several books at once.
    I’m reading twilight, on writing, and voices right now.

    • brendamarroy says:

      Hi Courtney,
      Are you talk about On Writing Well by Zinser? I really enjoyed the Voices books. Even though I’ve graduated from Long Ridge I still go back and read the Voices magazines. Another great book, very inspiring, for writers is ” Cup of Comfort for Writers.” It’s like all the rest of the Cup of Comfort books except this one is geared to writers.

  2. linda says:

    I’m always impressed by your creative spirit and your childlike zest for discovery. I love your words about sunrises and hanging moons and the places you find pleasure. I miss you my sister-friend–we’ll get together soon, eh?
    I am soooooooo impressed that are blogging…this is not part of the dark ages, is it now “)
    Love you,

    • brendamarroy says:

      Thanks Linda. I’m actually enjoying writing a weekly blog. Since I’m making notes for a book I figured blogging would be a good way to get my name and my work out there. I miss you and would looooooove to see you.

  3. Paul Davidson says:

    You’re quite welcome my sweetness! I know it’s not much, but if coming up with simple words for you everyday is what you need for me to do, then I’m more than happy to help! Keep up the good work Babe… the rewards are going to come back to you ten fold!!

  4. wallace marroy says:

    I am not playing scrabble with you!

  5. Mike Church says:

    I too am building quite the book collection. I have taken it to find original issues of all books written about the American Founders. So far I have added a 1818 copy of William Wirt Henry’s “Sketches in the Life of Patrick Henry” which was the first bio of the great orator written by his grandson. I have an original copy of “The Poetry of Edgar Allen Poe” dated 1837 and an original print of Henry Simms’ 1910 bio of John Taylor of Caroline “The Life of John Taylor”.

    Latin is the best tool for learning words and i have taught myself and all 3 children basic Latin skills now. Didn’t you take up Latin once upon a time…and Greek?


    • brendamarroy says:

      Wow. How marvelous for you. It sounds like you’ve found some great treasures. I taught New Testament Greek for a couple of years. I never studied Latin, however, as a child who went to a catholic church, I knew the mass in latin.

      My dear friend in Mt. Vernon, Wa., who appreciates my writing skills and sends me awesome books to support my author’s journey just sent me a book titled,
      “English Words from Latin and Greek Elements” by Donald M. Ayers. My friend, Pat, used to be a medical librarian so she has a love for words and their roots also. I can’t wait to read the preface and get into the book.

      Thanks for your comment Mike. It’s nice to know someone in my family, besides Jen, reads my blog.

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