A good antidote to stress

Breathing regulates the nervous energy that the mind uses for its thinking, and calms the emotions that feed anxiety, impulsiveness and negativity. So mindfulness of breathing, literally keeping th…

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Change of URL for blog

I no longer post my blog on wordspress.com. I have a private hosting site for Streams of Consciousness which can be found at:


If you subscribed to my blog at wordpress.com you will not receive my latest blogs. If you would like to continue to follow Streams of Consciousness, please go to the above site and subscribe there.  Thank you. I appreciate the support of all my followers. ❤

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Learning Compassion – by Jackie Phillips

This is a wonderful story about compassion and love.

Kindness Blog

I watch him out of the corner of my eye as I do the daily dishes. I’m worried about him, as he hasn’t eaten in a couple of days. He has hardly moved from his bed in the same amount of time.

old man I know I can’t nag him to eat. I’ve tried that in the past and it just makes us both miserable. I feel bad because the other day he asked for something special to eat and I had to tell him no. Not because I wouldn’t cook it because we had no money to buy it to cook. He didn’t seem to understand when I explained it to him.

He doesn’t understand lots of things now. It saddens me, but I have learned not to let it linger in my mind. It’s not his fault. It’s the fault of his medications. The strong pain pills he takes several times…

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Relating to all

I believe in practicing mindfulness so I appreciate these words of wisdom from Michael Lerner. Thank you, Karl Duffy, for posting this.


File:Baby Crane with Breakfast - Flickr - Andrea Westmoreland.jpg

One of the most toxic new-age ideas is that we should “keep a positive attitude.” What a crazy, crazy idea that is. It is much healthier, much more healing, to allow yourself to feel whatever is coming up in you, and allow yourself to work with that anxiety, depression, grief. Because, underneath that, if you allow those feelings to come up and express themselves, then you can find the truly positive way of living in relationship to those feelings. That’s such an important thing…..It’s not  about some “spiritual experience” of being high all the time. Not at all. It is about living with the ongoing stresses and strains and difficulties – and joys –  of life, but doing so in a way that we feel whole. Living in relationship with the struggles of life is what makes us human.

Michael Lerner, The Difference between Healing and Curing

photo andrea westmorland

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Change of Address for Streams of Consciousness Blog

To all who have signed up for my blog on http://bendamarroyauthor.wordpress.com, this is to let you know I no longer use this blog address.

My blog, Streams of Consciousness, is hosted by Blue Host on wordpress.org.  The URL for my blog is:


I have been on .org for over a year now but somehow I keep getting followers on wordpress.com.  Please click on the above URL and you will see all the blogs you have been missing, unless you are getting them on Facebook or Twitter.

Thank you for following me. I appreciate all who read my words.

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post du jour ~gilbert

This is the most Accurate and beautiful piece of writing I have had the pleasure of reading. It perfectly describes the journey home to Self.


Ruin is a gift. Ruin is the road to transformation.
~Elizabeth Gilbert

Dear Ones –

OK, so I don’t usually quote myself on this page, but a reader asked me today if I would take a moment to further explain this idea that ruin can sometimes be a gift in our lives.

*takes a deep breath*

Let me begin by saying that the ruin I’m talking about here is not something I would encourage anyone to ever deliberately seek. I’ve seen people who chase darkness and destruction on purpose (sometimes for the glamour of it, sometimes for the romance of it, sometimes for the sheer self-hatred of it) and this is not a path that I am capable of endorsing for anybody.

No, I’m talking about the ruin that happens to you, without you ever seeing it coming. The chaos that sneaks up on you.

Because sometimes the bottom falls…

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The Tiny Gifts that Matter

My friend and fellow blogger wrote this heartfelt, meaningful post. I share it with you because it contains a gift to soothe you and enrich your life. Enjoy.

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